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Winter Maintenance Tips To Prep Your Property For The Cold

It’s time to Prep Your Property for the Winter


There is no escaping the cold, wet, windy weather that makes up an Irish winter. Your property also needs to be protected from these harsh temperatures so we suggest you check out our Winter Maintenance Tips to prep your property for the cold.

Service Boilers

You need to make sure the heating unit at your property is serviced before the winter so that it is in good working order at the start of the heating season. You may feel comfortable servicing the boiler yourself however at Ability Property Services we employ master craftsmen and approved engineers to carry out all your plumbing and heating requirements.

Check Seals on Windows and Doors

Drafty windows and doors can increase heating bill.  It’s advisable to inspect both the interior and exterior of all windows and doors.

Check for Cracks and Openings

Another maintenance issue you should stay on top of before the temperatures drop is looking for cracks, crevices or holes around the perimeter of your property. The purpose of this is to prevent creatures that are looking for a home in the winter from entering your property.  Also check for any gaps under entrance doors or garage doors so bigger pests such as rats can’t get through.

Check Insulation

One way to reduce heating bills is to make sure the property is properly insulated.   Proper insulation in your attic, basement and around pipes will help keep your property warm and prevent pipes from freezing in the winter.

Clean Gutters

Make sure the gutters on your property are not clogged with leaves, acorns or other debris. These clogged gutters could prevent melting snow from being able to drain properly. This could cause roof leaks as the water will look for somewhere to go or it could lead ice to accumulate which could cause a roof to collapse.

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