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Plumbing and Heating Maintenance

Hello October… we love autumn, for starters, how can we not love the gorgeous scenery? The colours that Autumn bring are so beautiful – red, orange, yellow and brown all come together so beautifully.  However the cold winter months are fast approaching and it’s time to put some focus on items in your home or business that don’t usually get thought about until it’s too late: the plumbing and heating.

Do you know why heating and plumbing maintenance are both important in the winter?

Individually, when either of these encounter a problem, it can be a daunting task. However, did you know that in the winter time, if your heating stops working, it can also impact the plumbing?  In the winter, because of what cold weather can do to pipes in your home or business, the heating becomes that much more important.

As part of Ability Property Services, Ability Plumbing and Heating provides a full services to commercial and Domestic customer in Ireland.  Working with property agents, building and facilities client’s we appreciate that when something goes wrong in your commercial or domestic building you need a quick and efficient response.

Here are some things you should know regarding your heating and plumbing:

Problems that occur to plumbing in winter

Plumbing and Heating Maintenance

When it comes to cold winter weather, plumbing issues intensify because of the temperatures. The lower the temperature drops, the more potential problems that you can encounter. You run the risk of a pipe burst due to the water inside freezing. This is a common problem in areas where temperatures drop drastically. Luckily, there are a few things that can help property owners avoid this problem that don’t involve a heater.

  • Letting water run out of the pipe can keep it moving, making it more difficult for it to freeze over. Allow your outdoor faucets to drip slightly.
  • Repair any breaks or holes in the pipes to help ensure the cold temperatures don’t reach the water inside, causing it to freeze.
  • Insulate pipes around the water heater and in areas where they may be exposed to the weather. The insulation can protect it from the elements.

While these are helpful tips to keep the pipes from freezing, there may be some areas in your property that can be affected still. That can be fixed, however, as long as your heating is working correctly.

How proper heating helps plumbing issues in winter

Plumbing and Heating Maintenance

Repairing your heating means you get to keep your property at a warm, comfortable temperature and keep your pipes from experiencing serious issues. There are still some issues that you may encounter, but having a skilled plumber take a look before the weather gets cold is one way you can help the situation and avoid even more damage.

From plumbing and heating installations to repairs and servicing, our fully qualified plumbers and heating engineers provide a fast, efficient commercial plumbing and heating service which includes:

  • Heating installations and servicing
  • Emergency repairs
  • Rediator Replacement
  • Water Tank Replacement
  • Gas testing, purging, commissioning and de-commissioning
  • Laboratory installations
  • Water testing i.e. Legionella etc
  • Power flushing and system cleaning

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