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The Importance of Emergency Board Up Services

Why Emergency Board Ups

There are many reasons to board up a home or business after a disaster, but these three are the most important:

  • Protection from the elements
    • Ireland has been hit by so many storms of late including Aileen, Opheila, Biran and the most recent Ali.  Where you prepared?  During such a disaster your home or business can take quite a beating from high winds, heavy rains and debris. Broken windows, damaged roofs and walls can let in rain, snow and wind to cause more damage to your interior and its contents. Flooding can ruin flooring and carpet as well as damage electronics. In some instances mould begins growing within just a few days, causing even more damage.

Source: John McCarthy on YouTube  – Footage from Store Ophelia, Galway City Oct 2017

  • Protection from animals
    • Animals such as dogs, cats, rats, raccoons and other wild animals can cause havoc inside a building if they manage to squeeze inside. These animals can gain entry even through the smallest hole or broken window.  They are sure to leave a trail of destruction behind them and its also more than likely that they will tear up furnishings, urinate and defecate anywhere they can.

Emergency Board Up Services

  • Protection from vandals
    •  Even after the storm is gone… good old humans can cause us grief by taking advantage and help themselves to what’s inside your property.  Better known as vandals they’ll do more damage by breaking things and spray painting walls.   They will even go as far as stealing anything they can lay their hands on.

Emergency Board Up Services

Emergency Boarding Up Services

At Ability Property we specialise in helping people who have suffered an emergency at their property:

  • 24/7 Board Up Services
  • Doors & Windows Board Up
  • Residential Board Up Services
  • Commercial Board Up Services
  • Rapid Response
  • Local Friendly Operatives
  • Insurance Billing
  • All Work Guaranteed

All calls to Ability Property Services are handled through our central helpline by trained staff who understand the need to react and respond immediately.  24 hour service an be arranged if required.  If you need your property boarded up immediately after a fire, flood, burglary or simply an accident in the home we are available to help. If the damage suffered to the property does not result in a claim being pursued we can still assist, just ask for a quotation.

We also offer a wide range of other property maintenance solutions.

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