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Vacant Property Management

Vacant Property Management

Ability Property Services offer Vacant Property Management solutions to Property and Facility Management teams to ensure the buildings they are responsible for are safe and get back on the market as quickly as possible. Our vacant property inspection service makes it easy for property and facility management companies and landlords to comply with the long list of mandatory requirements stipulated by insurance companies.

The team at Ability Property also have a wide range of security and compliance solutions to help commercial and residential estate agents maintain the value of their properties by removing security threats and ensuring all properties are ready to market as swiftly as possible. Whether it is a brand-new construction or refurbishment, we offer bespoke services to keep properties safe from onsite theft and vandalism.

From alarms, steel protection, guarding and more, Ability Property's cost-effective ad-hoc solutions are easy to understand and give you peace of mind while you focus on the refurbishment and construction process. In addition, Ability Property Inspectors also undertake risk assessments, manage services shutdown and cleaning before a building goes back on the market.

Our simple, yet cost-effective solutions reduce the risk of theft or vandalism protecting your property and reducing the risk of depreciating your valuable asset. Increasingly, insurance policy terms are placing key requirements on landlords in relation to effective maintenance measures and recorded inspection visits.

Management Service

Our Property Managers will tailor a solution for you in the following key areas:

  • Weekly Property Inspection
  • Notification of Vacancy to Broker
  • Review of Policy Terms
  • Agreed securing of Property
  • Health and Safety Reviews
  • Vandalism
  • Decommissioning Water
  • Decommissioning Gas

Boarding Up

If your property has been damaged, you can count on Ability Property to provide an exceptionally high standard of boarding up service, including our true 24/7 emergency boarding up service. One phone call to our dedicated helpline support team is all that is needed. 

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Insurance Inspections

Ability Property provide emergency property repair and loss assessment on behalf of members of the general public who wish to make a claim on their property insurance policy and at the same time have their repairs carried out with as little hassle and disturbance as possible.

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Clearout services

When your property becomes vacant Ability Property can take care of every detail . Our clearing service includes changing and removing fittings, clearing rubbish, rubble and hazardous material, making general repairs, shutting down utilities, and cleaning up after squatters or trespassers

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Rubbish Removals

Waste can accumulate in abandoned buildings very quickly if not tended to frequently. In addition to what is left behind by the building’s previous occupants, abandoned structures are often, incorrectly, viewed as dumping grounds by some.

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