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Property Maintenance Tips for all Seasons

With the constant change in the Irish weather we have put together our top Property maintenance tips for all seasons. Burst pipes, blocked drains and boilers on the blink can all result in unnecessary costs and expensive repair bills.

Prevention is better than cure so here’s how you can can save time and money while maintenance your property and keeping the tenants happy!

1. Turn on the taps

Property Maintenance - Utility Drain Down Services

If you have outdoor taps, turn them on to see how much water is coming out. If it is very little, there is a chance that the pipes could have been damaged during the cold weather.

2. Look for rotting wood

Property Maintenance

If there are areas of the property where protective paint has come away, look for rotting wood and get any affected areas seen to before they deteriorate further.

3.Reinforce your fence

property maintenance

If your fence has taken a battering during winter, get it ready now for Spring/Summer 2019. Repair with care!!

4. Broken Pavement

It is not just the roads that suffer damage in cold weather. Have a look around your property’s communal area and driveway to see if there are any cracks or broken pavement. Minor ones could be easy to fix yourself, preventing them from turning into unsightly crevices which might present a trip hazard to your tenants. However at Ability Property Service we are here to offer a helping hand for all your property maintenance requirements.

5. Clear vents

property maintenance

Check your vents as they may have collected debris over winter. Without this airflow, you are more likely to experience wood rot problems. Get rid of any leaves, twigs or rubbish, either by hand or with a vacuum.

Need an extra pair of hands we are here to help. We offer a wide range of property maintenance solutions. Get in touch.

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