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Facilities Management

Everything we do is focused on our clients.  We are all about service excellence and mark our progress as much by client satisfaction and retention rates as by our own financial performance.  We are working hard to make sure that our track record in all sectors, for all client contracts, reaches the highest of standards.  Are you looking for facilities management services?

Ability clients stay with us because we prove value.  Often, our relationships begin with a contract to provide a single service.  Then, as the client experiences the value we bring to the business, the relationship evolves into a bundle of services or a fully integrated contract which sees us deliver a raft of different services under a single agreement.


Client focus means creating a clear simple message that resonates for one client and one client alone.  This is uniquely tailored and demonstrates a real understanding of where they are, the pressure they are under and how the service we provide can be linked together in ways that unlock potential and deliver new benefits.

Ability Property Services is a leading Property Maintenance company based in Galway and Limerick, with services available nationwide. We offer a complete range of property maintenance services to both residential and commercial clients.

Phone: (091) 395 594

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